With a new year and not much to do in the current lockdown, a lot of us are using the extra time to have a clearout, tidy, or get ourselves more organised. Well, we organise our wardrobes but what about our drawers? We're here to tell you how to organise your drawers and rescue your tights and socks, taking some tips from the original tidying guru and fantastic Marie Kondo (also known as KonMari). 

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Kondo states in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, if socks or tights "are folded over, tied, or balled up, they are always in a state of tension, their fabric stretched and their elastic pulled. They roll about and bump into each other every time the drawer is opened and closed. Any socks and stockings unfortunate enough to get pushed to the back of the drawer are often forgotten for so long that their elastic stretches beyond recovery". 

Perhaps you wouldn't usually think about tights or socks and how they need to be put away and stored, but Marie Kondo has made us think twice about it due to discussing the condition it puts them in. It'll save us all money, and less waste for the planet if we store them correctly, maximising their wear life, and not banishing an older pair to the "forgotten about" pile. 

The best way to fold and store your tights:

1. Fold one tight leg on top of the other

2. Fold in half once, and then again

3. Then stand them on the edge

4. She then suggests putting a box in your drawer, then put the rolled stockings in the box inside your drawers, alternatively use drawer dividers.

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Similarly, we can't forget the sock drawer! So here are Marie Kondo's tips for keeping your favourite socks tidy and in tip-top condition:

Firstly, place your socks together and fold into thirds - if you have longer socks, place them together and fold them in half, then fold in half again or thirds - depending on the length. Then, place the socks upright in your drawer with the socks standing on their edge (this being the most important stage)!

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Happy tidying!


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