Taylor Swift latest music video: Look What You Made Me Do!

We've been obsessed about this new music video, Taylor is totally slaying it.
Taylor Swift’s comeback song Look What You Made Me Do has broken three records in its first week of release.
About halfway through the video — if you're watching it on YouTube, it's the scene starting at 02:06 — Swift emerges through a set of doors wearing a long-sleeved green tunic, black high-waisted briefs, and fishnet tights. But it's not her outfit that's significant here. A group of male backup dancers open their blazers to reveal they're all wearing "I Heart T.S." shirts.

A key scene, showing her wearing a black leotard and fishnet stockings while performing with male backup dancers that are wearing 40 denier tights! 
This is all just amazing! 

Let's have a closer look at Taylor's outfit in this scene:
She is wearing a leotard and fishnet stocking plus on top over the knee socks

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